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Chef Prepared Vegan Meals Delivered to Your Door USA Canada
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I love that you guys exist!!! Life is easy
and delicious thanks to you!!!!
Christine M.

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Vegetarian and Vegan Meals Delivered!

Providing you with the taste you want, the experience you deserve, and the solution the world needs

Chef-Made, Gourmet, Guilt-free, Healthy Vegan and Vegetarian Meals Delivered to Your Door

Veggie Brothers is the first and only online vegan food delivery service featuring vegetarian versions of America's favorite classic dishes and more. We offer an unprecedented 100+ array of menu items including entrees, soups, appetizers, sides, breakfasts and desserts - all 100% vegan and 100% vegetarian. We also focus on using mostly organic & Non-GMO ingredients.

So quick, easy to prepare & convenient, you'll wonder how you survived without us for so long! Now you're just a few clicks away from enjoying a truly unique vegetarian gourmet indulgence. We make it virtually effortless and extremely convenient to have high-quality vegan / vegetarian cuisine wherever you are. This experience offers you FREEDOM!

Healthy, delicious, affordable and conveniently shipped frozen to your door (USA & Canada), our meals are easy to reheat and enjoy whether you are vegan or not. Chef-made in small batches and quickly frozen in vacuum-sealed, reinforced, boilable pouches, they're ready in minutes. Simply drop in boiling water, serve and taste the freshness of dishes as they were first prepared. Or if you prefer, our products can be also be micro waved, or defrosted and reheated using conventional stovetop methods.

A luxury you can afford, home food delivery saves you time, money, and the tremendous effort and skill normally required to make deliciously creative and comforting high-quality vegan dishes from scratch. And because they're so practical, many of our customers use our products every week, some even every day! But even if you order vegan food online just once in a while or for special occasions, you'll be glad you did.

Have Happy Healthy Holidays! We all look forward to those enriching holiday moments and special celebrations with our families and friends. Don't let dietary requirements ruin holiday cheer. We are masters at creating familiar dishes that are sure to fit with your family's culture and traditions. Appealing to all taste buds, our vegan meal delivery service is said to truly bring families together.

Good Stewards of Society. At Veggie Brothers, we are just as concerned about saving the lives of our animal friends, healing the environment and improving people's overall health as we are about making the greatest vegan food this world has ever seen or tasted. "Vegan Cuisine for the Mainstream" is what our fans say. You're sure to find that VeggieBrothers.com is the fastest, easiest, most delicious and effective way to help people get on and stay on a healthier plant-based diet. GUARANTEED!

Serving Exceptional Value for Five Years! Whereas most businesses charge their customers extra for cooler boxes, ice packs, dry ice and other materials necessary to keep frozen products cooled, here, you won't find any additional charges beyond standard UPS shipping costs.

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