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“Michael:  Here's the response from my daughter in law in AZ (who received my gift of Veggie Brothers): 

Everything is WONDERFUL  I  haven't tried EVERYTHING.  I've tried the seitan stroganoff, the italian sausage and last night both Mike and I had the salisbury steak.  SO GOOD.  They're so easy to prepare too, which is so nice! I've just been cooking up a grain and a veggie, and then heating up the entree to have a really easy dinner.  Such a great gift!! 

So, you've got a few fans amongst our family.  Thanks, John”

Hi Michael,

Although I always said it would be easy for me to give up meat, when my medical practitioner (holistic nurse practitioner) that I've been going to for at least 7-8 years advised me six months ago that I needed to go vegan or she would be prescribing 4-5 different medications for my various health issues (high cholesterol, high triclycerides, pre-diabetes, borderline high blook pressure, issues with pancrease producing insulin was showing up in bloodwork), I wasn't aware that that meant cheese, dairy, etc., which I still have a difficult time with, especially when dining out.  Obviously all I've tried in the past wasn't working, but it may have prevented some issues from getting worse for a while. 

I'm glad I found your site.  Although I'm usually a great cook and have purchased several vegan cookbooks, for some reason I'm very intimidated by cooking vegan, perhaps its because it often calls for ingredients I'm unfamiliar with, like the various forms of tofu.

After six weeks of following the vegan plan on my own, all of my lab results had improved, to the point of I was no longer "prediabetic" and my pancrease was once again in the "normal" range of pumping insulin.  Things were really looking up.  Then, I started making "exceptions" such as putting regular (skim) milk in my tea, not carefully looking at ingredients in foods I was purchasing, and heaven only knows what the foods at the restaurants I dined at contained.  My "exception" diet, as my cousin call it, caused all of my "numbers" to be worse then they were before I started eating vegan.  I was very surprised because I truly believed those little exceptions wouldn't make much of a difference.  I needed a solution I could live with.  That's when I searched and found your website.  I figured if someone else cooks great tasting, edible vegan foods for me that I can afford (very important), that will help keep me on plan, and I can avoid having to take the 4-5 different medications I would have to take should I continue to eat "regular" food.  I'm still having some challenges, but it's getting easier, thanks to your food.  This morning I had Veggis Bros. French toast with some low sugar jam, and it was great!  I'm looking forward to my second delivery next week, and some selections that  have received great reviews, but seem to be out of stock when I'm looking to put an order together.

I'll keep you updated as to my progress.  Thank you again for caring and for helping people like me who want to be healthy but could use some assistance!  Nancy H (4-6-2013)

Hi Michael, one word, AMAZING! Everything, the ordering experience, receipt of the shipment which was all fully frozen and in perfect shape, and the items we have eaten so far - unbelievably delicious! Here are what we have eaten so far:
Chicken Pot Pie - we loved it! Many years ago when I was a meat eater I loved chicken pot pies, I never thought I would eat something like that again. The crust was perfect and the filling wonderful!
Southern Fried Steak - different and better than some of the un-chicken patties out there. Loved the taste and consistency.
Tofu Scrambler w/Vegan Sausage and Cheese Breakfast Turnover - we could eat these every day. I love tofu scramblers and the addition of the flaky crust put these over the top.

We still have lots more in the freezer to eat. We were on vacation last week so I was doing more of my own cooking because I had more time. It's back to work tomorrow so we'll be finishing the rest before you know it. One thing, which was a nice surprise. With the exception of the pot pies all the items that are listed as single serving really fed both my husband and myself.

We will be ordering again soon. We've been telling all our friends how delicious the food is and gave them your website - hopefully you'll be getting some orders soon. Also, a vegan friend of ours just divorced and now has his own place. When he has his housewarming party we plan on giving him a gift certificate to Veggie Brothers. Edie

I received my first order today and I guess the only thing I can say is "delicious"! I've been looking for a company like yours for a long time.... I've already shared your website to other vegetarian friends. I am looking forward to indulging in the rest of the order. Ron R - Rockaway, NJ

Thank you so much! I thoroughly enjoyed the food and have already placed another big order! I look forward each night to dinner now knowing I have something quick easy and enjoyable to eat. Before it was always something of a chore figuring out what to eat because I wanted something healthy quick and vegan. With my schedule it was always a challenge and I wound up eating something not so healthy; favoring quick over the healthy. Now no need to choose! I have tried other home delivery services but there is no comparison!

Hi Michael, Thanks for your kind note. I’m just glad there are people like you and Mark who can help me better keep to veganism. It requires so much time and effort to eat healthy food so you are a blessing! Have a great evening.
Suzanne B, Chicago, IL

Each and every dessert, entree or side dish we sampled was exquisite; it tastes like home cooking - if you're an outrageously spectacular cook, that is. The site really does read more like a fine veg restaurant than an on-line store. The listings are extensive, and we look forward to eating our way through the menu...

Four spoons to veggiebrothers.com - and our only regret is that we've already consumed all of the delectable dishes they sent us!
as reviewed by Sabrina Nelson, Co-Founder of VegSource.com

You guys are awesome! Even my husband, a regular meat eater, enjoyed the baked chicken nuggets, and my meatball hero dinner last night. Best wishes and very very good luck.
Amy R., Brooklyn, NY

I brought the Veggie Brothers Hot & Spicy Buffalo Wings over to a Super Bowl party where I was the only vegetarian. Everyone else was eating wings they had ordered from Cluck-U, and they were all complaining that there was no meat on the bones. So they wound up eating my wings. They said they liked them a lot because they were tasty and were really meaty.
Henry, Toms River NJ

We did receive the entire order and we did not like it. We loved it! As a person who was raised eating meat and being vegan for the past 15 years, I have memories of texture and taste that no other meat substitute ever quite fit. Your product, especially the Soul Stix, could fool the most die hard carnivore.
Kevin S, Pittsburg PA

That Lemon Herb "Chicken" was out of this world!" Then I ate the Veggie Steak: and had lightening struck, I would have died smiling.
Ingrid Newkirk, Legendary Vegetarian and Animal Rights Activist, Distinguished Author and President and Co-Founder of PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Hello Veggie Brothers. I just want to say that your food rocks! I've been a vegan for 6 going on 7 years and what a treat it is to have gourmet products like yours. I'd usually eat some fake meat that really tasted like, well, fake meat. But your pioneer burger tastes better than the real thing.

I also enjoyed the drum sticks and nuggets. I mean they are just perfect! Plus no stupid bones to worry about. One thing that I like is that you can cook a lot of your foods via boiling which prevents you from burning them. Nothing like letting the food heat slowly through a nice slow long simmer. You really get to experience the freshness of all the herbs and spices. I guess what I'm trying to say is that you can't burn the flavor away.

I really enjoyed the meatballs and marinara with the pasta. The meat balls are so big and plump and juicy. Wonderful! The crab cakes, flank and salisbury steaks were all top notch as well. The herb roasted chicken was just delightful! I thoroughly enjoy your food as you can see in the latest order I placed. Thanks.
Bill P in NY!

Dear Veggie Brothers, I wanted to thank you for basically the best vegan food I have had in my life! I had ordered grilled chicken with this herb sauce, southern chicken drumsticks, had complimentary chili, and the seitan ribs. The only disappointment was when I was finished eating it! I wanted more. I'm 15 years old (16 on November 23rd!) and have been vegan for over a year, nothing has gotten better than this. I'm so excited to order more food for the holidays so I can prove to my family that I don't eat rocks and grass. Thanks again!
Sincerely, Esperanza

Dear Michael, We received your delicious food last Friday, and had a fun "sampling party" after work that day - and everyone LOVED the food!!! It was SO amazing - our absolute favorites were the drumsticks, the nuggets, and the crab cakes (my personal favorite)!! Thank you SO very much for sending - everyone was so impressed.
Warm wishes, Jen P. Farm Sanctuary Watkins Glen, NY

Hi Mark and Michael. Just wanted to drop a line and say how WONDERFUL your chili is! Of course, I know you know this already. Since receiving my meals today is the first day I'm trying anything. I absolutely love it! I'm looking forward to trying everything else. More importantly, I'm looking forward to completely changing my eating habits and adapting a vegetarian (or maybe even vegan) lifestyle. Sounds a little far out there for me but I know it can be done with your cuisine to help (tremendously) and bit of focus. Thanks again and I will be sending you another testimony (along with my reorder) when I finish with everything else. Here's to new me! Thank you Maranatha.
Jenise L. - Makeup Artist -Elizabeth, NJ

I have completed my taste test and I can say without a doubt Veggie Brothers products are the best thing that has ever happened to becoming a plant eater. 
Howard Lyman (Author of "The Mad Cowboy" www.themadcowboy.com )

Growing up a vegetarian, most of the vegetarian "meats" (now that's an oxymoron) were produced by Worthington and Cedar Lake. Morning Star Farm is part of the "Adventist" health food line also. Even though I enjoy a number of the products I was raised with - nothing compares to what you've been able to make. I was married to a meat eater and he never found the veggie-meats very convincing. Even if they came close on the flavor, they could never get the texture right. With the "chicken" products you produce, you have crushed that barrier.
Alyce C. -Sasquoit, NY

Dear Michael,
Anthony, Anna and I enjoyed your veggie meals very much. They are easy to prepare and very delicious. So far, we have tried the veggie steak, the soy chicken and the soul stix. The rest of the food is still in our freezer.

Hi Michael: Everything arrived in fine shape, still frozen solidly. I have already eaten a Pioneer Burger and I must say in my 20+ years being vegan, it is I think the best veggie burger I have ever eaten. The other things we are taking on holiday up in the mountains this coming weekend, I cannot wait to try. We love to eat. Peace to you and yours too.
Michael P., Denver, Colorado

Good afternoon Michael, First off I have to tell you I'm very impressed with the quality of your food! I received my first delivery Tuesday. So far, I have had the tofu crab cakes, Grilled Steak Au Jus, & Jambalaya. The pieces of vegetable in the Jambalaya were amazing!! The carrots were so fresh and tender. I placed another order this week and am looking forward to trying some new things. Thanks again!
Tracey R

WOW! I just received your food & I tried the soy chicken nuggets & the drumstick & it is unbelievable!!!! I have been a vegetarian for almost 22 years & my husband just recently stopped eating meat & my 5 year old is also a veggie so I know my family is going to love it too! I will definitely be ordering again soon…
Louise, NJ

I love that you guys exist!!! Life is easy and delicious thanks to you!!!!
Christine M

Hey Veggie Brothers have been Vegan for 1 year now and loving every minute of it. I had recently tried your Southern Style drumstick and could not believe it was not real chicken. At first I had to check the package to make sure it was not chicken. After I found out that it was in fact vegan, I was relieved and excited because it was not only delectable but I knew I could fool the people at work that always make fun of me for being vegan. So I brought some into work and went to the people that said all vegan food sucks and let them have one without saying anything. I first words out of their mouth was “Hey you’re not vegan anymore?” At that point I burst out laughing and told them it was vegan and where it came from. They now apologize to me every day and ask when I am going to bring in more food from you guys. Thank you for that and all your other great food. I have not tried my whole order yet but everything I have tried has been nothing short of perfection.
Joseph S. - Orchard Park, NY

Michael, We had the Soul Stix for dinner tonight. They were delicious and baked perfectly. Looking forward to the other meals!
Take care, Joe

I have been green, vegan and organic for many years and I have tried every possible vegan food in the world during my many work and pleasure trips. Nothing compares to the Veggie Brothers gourmet foods! Veggie brother food selection is truly second to none. The taste, the texture, the recipes are unique. I can tell it' made with love! I love their healthy foods that taste like wonderful treats! I feed Veggie Brothers foods to everyone I know, vegetarian and omnivore and they all love it! These earthy and delicious foods are for everyone. I also released some weight and I now maintain my ideal weight, thanks to Veggie Brothers non-animal protein foods! You must try the steak and the mahi mahi.
Elena P. –Winnetka, CA

Hello Bro Just to tell you, we just finished eating the Italian Sausage and Peppers family size for dinner. It was Delicious. It was way better then meat. Vegan dish that Mark makes is so much better then meat cause there is no greasy feeling that you get with meat. I had a sandwich and a half. I don’t over stuff the sandwich, but dad did, and mom made a decent size sandwich and there is so much food still left over. I like how you put more sausage then peppers because I remember when we went to the Italian Festivals you always get more peppers then sausage. We will be ordering this again soon and definitely the chicken nuggets because I like that for a quick lunch.
Michele B -Jackson Heights, Queens, New York

The Carona Family:
From Alma: The box where the food is packed is very insulated, excellent packing. The shipping as promised, the price for shipping very reasonable. This helps.
From Arantzazu: The food tastes like home made. The chicken nuggets taste like real chicken, she wished I had ordered more. :(
From Arthur: About The chicken buffalo wings. "Are you serious, it was vegetarian? It tasted just like chicken Buffalo wings, Honestly, I even felt guilty, I thought I was eating chicken and I really want to be a vegetarian". About the mashed potatoes: "I want more, those are really good".

"My vegetarian friend introduced me to Veggie Brothers. I am not even vegetarian but I love Veggie Brothers foods. I have tried them all and they taste like the real things, such as steaks, chicken, seafood, pork, etc. I love that fact that they taste fresh and they are ready to eat! Being a young and single man, very busy with work, this solution is ideal for me. Also, I tend to forget to eat and fall underweight, but, now, I never forget my delicious Veggie Brothers meals :) The crab cakes and buffalo wings are some of my favorite!"
Aouri Makhlouf, from France and Algeria

"All my life, I have been eating anything and everything. My vegetarian daughter served me Veggie Brothers foods and I was very skeptical and I didn't want to eat it. My daughter asked me to try one bite. Well, many bites later, at my surprise, I couldn't stop eating! I still can't believe they are not animal foods, but they aren't! I really love Veggie Brothers foods, especially the soul sticks, chicken tenders and chicken cacciatore, Italian style :)"
Ernesta Ravenoldi from Italy

Hi Michael & Marc, The new e-newsletter looks really great!! I just wanted to compliment you on it. I also wanted to say that I had the BBQ ribs the other night and they were great!!Thanks.
Tracy R

I have been a vegetarian for over 25 years and your products are the best I have ever experienced in my life. You can count on me to be a customer for life and share this health food with all that I come in contact with. It would be a wonderful blessing if the world meat eaters were exposed to your products. Thank you and your entire team for everything.
CPT Hill, Maurice J. Reserve Affairs, -Hawaii 

"They justify their prices with portions that out do those at most competitively priced restaurants for us slothful folk who like to stay in and eat well"
Reviewed by SuperVegan.com

I think what you're doing is terrific, and an excellent way to help spread veganism.”
Dr. Will Tuttle, Author of "The World Peace Diet"

Funny True Story
Here is a funny true story a woman recently told us. She said she went on a date to a vegetarian restaurant with a guy that was a heavy meat eater and on that particular night the restaurant was only offering a buffet. The guy took a look at the buffet and said "this vegetarian food looks kind of weird", so he passed on the buffet and was able to get the waitress to bring him out a burger. It just so happens that Veggie Brothers supplies this restaurant with its burger product. The burger came out with the standard accompaniments, and it not only smelled and looked good to him, but he took a few bites and enthusiastically said to the woman, "hey this is really good, would you like a bite?" It was so real to him that he then said, "Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot you are vegetarian". The woman had a big laugh when she explained that they were in a vegetarian restaurant, which meant everything is 100% vegetarian, and the burger was not only vegetarian, but also vegan. The funny story has an even happier ending. After the guy understood the burger he had eaten was vegan, he had an awakening and reconsidered the buffet. He wound up trying everything on the buffet and then going back for seconds.
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